Making Hotplates

Topics: Management, Assembly line, Percentage point Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Making Hotplates
Tony Bennett
Ashford University
BUS644: Organizational Behavior/William Adams
March 10, 2013

The summary will examine a company consisting of a group of workers who are responsible for assembling hotplates which are used in hospitals and medical laboratories to bring solutions to certain temperatures. A job of this nature requires a certain amount of patience and skills that some people could find hard or impossible to handle. The goal of the summary is to answer specific questions about the environment in which they worked, the managers and what did or did not motivate the employees. This analysis is done to obtain a better understanding of how motivation affects different aspects of working environments. Increasing Productivity What changes in the work situation might account for the increase in productivity and the decrease in controllable rejects? The increase in productivity and the decrease in controllable rejects are contributed to one decision, the introduction of the individual workstation. Separating the employees increased morale and made them accountable for their own work. The new assembly set up was perfect for everyone, the managers and also the company. Increasing Moral

 What might account for the drop in absenteeism and the increase in moral? Based on the information provided it appears the employees did not get along well. There are many factors that contribute to why employees might like each other. The fact that so many different aspects of the business changed in the right direction after the new assembly layout was implemented provides undeniable evidence that employees were happier on their own. Manager Influence

What were the major changes in the situation? Which changes were under the control of the manager? Which were controlled by workers? The managers could have changed employees, materials, or even facilities however they basically...
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