Major Provisions of the Treaty of Versailles.

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In the year 1914 there was a great war which was centered in Europe. This war was World War One; it lasted for four years and involved all the major powers of the world during that period. According to Britannica ready reference (2003) the first world last from 1914 to 1918 and it was an International conflict between the Central Powers-Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey and the Allied Powers mainly France, Britain, Russia, Italy, and from 1917 the U.S. The U.S kept out of the war at the begin but only became involved when Germany used a submarine against a neutral ship killing Americans and dishonoring of previous agreements eventually brought the U.S. into the war in 1917. According to Cutler, Burt and Strasshofer, Craig (1993) world war one prove to be the first war in history to have an impact upon virtually the entire world. World war one affected everyone, it is described as the worst war ever to have erupted in Europe until the Second World War. During this war many men, women and children lost their lives. This war cause millions of dollars of property damage also social, political and economical damage as well. Most of the European countries became bankrupt from the cost of waging a war for four years. It took many of countries in Europe and other parts of world years to recover from the war. It took the combination of over 120 nations to defeat Germany and her Allies. Germany and her Allies felt the war would have been over quickly and they would have been victors but Germany and her Allies soon realized that they would not be successful in the war against so many nations. Hence Germany surrendered before they were defeated. In the year 1918 Germany according to David Fisher (1994) pleaded with President Wilson who was President of the United States of America for an armistice.

An armistice meant cessation of fighting. According to Britannica ready reference (2003) it was an agreement between Germany and the Allied Nations ending World War I. On November 11, 1918 at 11am Germans and Allied officials met in a rail road car in the Compiegne Forrest in France and signed the armistice document which ended world war one. At that particular time of the signing of the treaty the principal term was that Germany would evacuate Belgium, France, and Alsace-Lorraine immediately. According to Fisher (1994) Germany only signed the armistice because they felt Wilson’s peace program would be the bases of the peace treaty but they here dead wrong in their assumptions. Wilson had developed a fourteen points system which would see a just settlement between Germany and the Allied powers. However during the peace conference held in France in the year 1919They received no favorable treatment. According to Britannica ready reference (2003) Negotiations formalizing the armistice were conducted at the Paris Peace Conference.

On January 1919 over twenty seven delegates met to negotiate the peace settlement for world war one. Among the over twenty seven nations were the four (4) major or world powers at the time; the four powers would lead the meeting and decision making. According to Cutler and Strasshofer (1993) immediately the victorious leaders of the “Big Four” Allied power- Premier George Clemenceau of France, Prime Minister David Lloyd George of England, Prime Minister Vittorio Orlando of Italy and President Woodrow Wilson of the United States of America met at Versailles for Paris Peace Conference to decide the losers fate. However Germany and her Allies were left out of the conference, they were not allowed to be a part of the conference. The results of the conference became known as the treaty of Versailles,

according to Encyclopedia international volume 19 the treaty placed upon Germany the full onus of war guilt, stripped it of its colonies and important European territories, limited its military forces and saddled it with an enormous burden of reparation. Though the world powers along with other nations came...
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