Maintain Ict Equipment and Systems

Topics: Data loss, Defragmentation, NTFS Pages: 4 (1133 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Level 3 Maintain ICT equipment and systems (7266/7267-510)

A manufacturing company has a small client-server network on its premises. It consists of a server, four work stations and two printers (one laser, one ink-jet). One workstation is situated in a production workshop where sheet metal is cut, bent and welded. Additionally, the MD transfers files to and from his laptop.

Level 3 Maintain ICT equipment and systems 3 (7266/7267-510) TASK A|
1. Devise a preventative maintenance schedule for the system, including the laptop. Include inyour schedule the• item to be maintained• frequency of maintenance• description of the maintenance procedure• Reason for the maintenance procedure (what is it designed to prevent?)• Any anticipated down time or service disruption.| Item to be maintained| Frequency of maintenance| Description of maintenance procedure| Reason for maintenance procedure| Any down time or disruptions during maintenance?| Client-Server network| Variable| -Back up the server (Daily, Weekly or monthly)- Monitor mail routing (daily)- Run Fixup to fix any corrupted databases (at server start-up and as needed)-Monitor administration (weekly)- Monitor databases that need maintenance (weekly)- Monitor replication (daily)- Monitor modem communications (daily)- Monitor memory (monthly)- Monitor disk space (daily, weekly or monthly)- Monitor server load (monthly)- Monitor server performance (monthly)- Monitor web server requests (monthly)| So there is no loss of data, no system corruptions and the system is working correctly and efficiently.| N/A| Work station 1| As and when required, when reported, at least every fortnight| -Monitor performance-Monitor connections-Monitor stand alone disk space.-Monitor peripherals-Assign repairs as and when requested-monitor software and operating system| So that machine is running smoothly. Clients/users can operate their machines with ease.| N/A| Work station 2| As and when required,...
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