Main Reasons for the Nanking Massacre

Topics: Nanking Massacre, John Rabe, Second Sino-Japanese War Pages: 4 (1650 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Part A:
My research question is: ‘’What Was the Main Cause of the Nanking Massacre?’’ In this project, I will be investigating the different potential causes of the Nanking Massacre. I will then evaluate my sources and then come to a conclusion in which I will state the main cause for this treacherous act. I will consider the roots of the cause, and also the effect that it has had. I will look at the way that it has tied in with the massacre itself, and I will explore further about the ways that it has affected the races; both the Chinese and the Japanese.. I will use sources from documentaries, quotes and biographies. Part B

The Nanking Massacre was a barbaric genocide held by the Japanese. It had occurred during a period of 6 weeks, following the Japanese capture of the city of Nanking. Nanking had previously been the capital of China. During this dark period, hundreds of thousands of the Chinese population had been brutally murdered, including the disarmed soldiers and the innocent civilians. It began on the 13th of December, after Nanking was captured. The Japanese soldiers invaded the city, killing Chinese citizens randomly. Within just a few hours, the streets of Nanking were littered with the bodies of the victims. Slaughter like this continued for a couple of months. Around 80,000 females of all ages were raped by the Japanese. Abnormal and sadistic behaviour connected with the rapes were reported. Women were often killed in a treacherous way, and their bodies would be mutilated and distorted. Citizens and disarmed soldiers were displayed publicly, where their hands were bound tightly and they were murdered brutally. Some were beheaded, others buried alive and some were shot or burned. Many were gassed to death. The Japanese Army were merciless, acting as if this murder was a competition in seeing who can kill the most of the Chinese. Their hate and spite made the bloodbath inevitable. Official historians and many witnesses have come to the...
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