Main Measures of Developing Low Carbon Economy

Topics: Emissions trading, Low-carbon economy, Kyoto Protocol Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: March 21, 2012
Low-carbon economy is an emerging economic system and development model, contains a series of new low-carbon industries, low-carbon technologies, low-carbon city, low-carbon life. By substantially increasing the use efficiency, large-scale use of renewable energy and low-carbon energy, large-scale research and development of greenhouse gas emission reduction technology, to build low-carbon society, maintenance of ecological balance. Development of low-carbon economy is both a involved in the mode of production, lifestyles, values, national interests and the destiny of mankind global revolution, but also an inevitable choice for the global economy had to shift from high carbon energy to low-carbon energy. China is a large developing country. Economic development over-reliance on the consumption of fossil energy resources, resulting in increasing carbon emissions, environmental pollution is increasing and other issues have seriously affected the quality and efficiency of economic growth and sustainable development. Report to the Seventeenth Party Congress clearly stated: the construction of ecological civilization, the basic formation of energy saving resources and protecting the ecological environment of the industrial structure, growth, consumption patterns and emissions of major pollutants under effective control, ecological environment quality improved significantly. "As a result, China's development of low-carbon economy in addition to climate change and other external pressures, there are at least five aspects of an inherent requirement. With the deepening of the study and practice the scientific concept of development activities, the society as a whole rising enthusiasm for low-carbon development, many cities have expressed strong desire to be vying for the low-carbon pilot cities. Low-carbon development in China is not only necessary, but it is possible to achieve. Five most important measures: First, government-led, to find out the real situation, based on...
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