Main Characters and their Connections to Nature: Charles Frazier’s Novel Cold Mountain

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  • Published : November 8, 2012
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Main Characters and their Connections to Nature
Charles Frazier’s novel Cold Mountain takes place during the time of the civil war. However, instead mainly focuses on each character and the life lessons they learn throughout the story. As the novel progresses we the characters go through different arduous journeys. The novel Cold Mountain is made up of two separate journeys occurring at the same time that eventually come together at the end. Frazier’s characters, Ada and Inman are well aware of the nature around them and adapt it to their daily lives.

One of the few protagonists that is greatly affected by nature is Inman. Due to the fact that he is surrounded by the outdoors at all times he is able to realize and understand the beauty that nature holds and tries to absorb as much of it as he can. Inman is surrounded by nature the moment he escapes from the hospital. He even carries along his Bartram, a book which is filled with poems and stories all related to the topic of nature. One passage in Cold Mountain expresses Inman’s appreciation for the Bartram. “He told her how it helped sustain him on his journey. He shared with her his view that the book stood nigh to holiness” (Frazier 415). As seen in this passage it is clear the Bartram helps Inman get through hard times. He also finds the book very comforting and soothing. Inman became a much stronger man and more down to earth after this journey back home. During his journey, Inman had seen nature as either a positive or negative thing throughout his journey back. Nature was the reason Inman survived the journey. It gave him a place to protect himself from the cold and harsh weather. But not only the weather but also the home guards that were on the lookout. A good example of this is shown in this passage.

Nature had given him everything he needed on his way back to Ada. It gives him food, gives him landmarks to follow, and directions on which way to go in order to get back. It also helps Inman better...
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