Magnetic Toys Can Hurt

Topics: Toy safety, Consumer Product Safety Commission, Safety standards Pages: 3 (1105 words) Published: June 5, 2011
MEGA Brands is a global organization, extending to over 100 countries. This organization’s mission is to nurture creativity, whether it is in a kid or an adult. It distributes a range of toys, puzzles, and craft-based products worldwide but enjoys greatest success in North America, where Mega Bloks is one of the top 10 toy brands. In 2003, MAGNETIX® products were introduced to consumers and were a hit. Kids were engaging in building the construction sets for hours at a time. However, this popularity would not last long, when a mother claimed that her kid choked on a magnet that fell from the toy and died. In this paper I am going to concentrate on how this incident and others could have been prevented by defining the problems apparent in the case, analyzing the situation, and presenting solutions taken by the company to clear their name from these unforeseen events. First off as an executive of this company I would bring up concerns to the CEO about numerous other incidents that occurred after the fatality of that little boy and its effect on Mega Brands shares collapsing. The consequences also could become much worse for the company if a child swallowed more than one magnet. The magnets in the toys are powerful and could rip through tissue in a child’s digestive system. Complex surgery would be needed and complications could follow. If the CEO refuses to listen to my concerns, then I would look to the government and public to instill pressure on the CEO. After several incidents were in fact reported, Mega Brands subsequently took voluntary action recalling all construction sets, except newer Magnetix sets sold since March 31, 2006, that were age-labeled 6+ and sets that contained the following caution label: "CAUTION: Do not ingest or inhale magnets.

Attraction of magnets in the body may cause
serious injury and require immediate medical care" (Commission, 2007). According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, who investigated the incidents with...
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