Magnet Schools

Topics: Education, Teacher, Magnet school Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Magnet Schools: An Opportunity of Education or Education Disparity?

We are often put into situations that are not fitting of us and it is up to us to either get out of the situation or make the best of it. Parents want their children to receive quality education but sometimes a child is placed into a school that doesn’t have a curriculum challenging enough for a student. Luckily, there are other avenues for us to take in order to get a quality education without the cost of a private school or the many disadvantages of attending your neighborhood school. This brings me to my case and point, the benefits of magnet school. Magnet schools offer an intense curriculum and are a middle ground between public and private institutions. There may be some downfalls of the magnet program but the benefits are of an abundance. Yet, it is up to a parent and their child to determine if the magnet program is right for them.

When you think of a classroom, especially now being in college, we think of a large student to teacher ratio. It is hard for a teacher to focus all their attention and energy into the needs of one student because of the sizes of classes. That is why in magnet programs the student to teacher ratio is cut down drastically. This gives teachers the ability to concentrate on the needs of the students individually which can lead to an increase in grade point averages which are beneficial when applying to colleges. Also, with a smaller class size the teacher is able to move more swiftly through the course material because there is a smaller chance of confusion and misunderstanding and there is a greater chance that the students are moving at the same pace.

Grade point averages must be maintained in magnet programs. Magnet schools are known to have a strict admissions process and retention regulations in order to weed out those who will not keep up with the rigorous curriculum. The reason this is often smiled upon among parents is because it teaches their child...
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