Magick Medicinal Plants and Herbs

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Medicinal plants and herbs
Throughout history plants and herbs have been used to heal the sick and dying, but with every type of medicine there is a power if magick. Because healing is a mind over matter, believing can cure or kill you.

Medicinal plants and herbs have been around before the time of man. Prehistoric medicine incorporated plants, animal parts, and minerals. In many cases there materials were used ritually as magical substances by priest, shamans, or medicine men (“Medicine”).

Medicinal: I found has more than one definition; it depends on where you are looking. In the Merriam-Webster dictionary it is defined: Tending or used to cure disease or relieve pain. In the Urban dictionary it is defined: A preparation or product having the properties if a medicine. Must be prescribed by a doctor and shared with everyone. (“Medicinal” Merriam-Webster)(“Medicinal” Urban)

Medicinal Chamomile has the power to help you sleep or help insomnia. It’s often served as tea with honey or lemon. Chamomile can cause uterine contractions which may lead to miscarriages. It is not recommend to consume chamomile while breast feeding or pregnant. Chamomile is also known for an anti-inflammatory, a detox agent, and blood thinner (“Chamomile”) (“Chamomile” PDR). Magick Chamomile has the power to attract money; gamblers will use chamomile on their hands to increase their winnings. Chamomile can bring you love and protect you against spells casted upon you (“Magical Use Of Herbs”).

Medicinal Ginger has the ability to cease motion sickness, increase an appetite, and assist with morning sickness during pregnancy. Ginger is use for nausea after surgeries and some cancer treatments. Ginger helps relieve pain with arthritis, menstrual pains, and eczema (“Ginger”) (“Ginger” PDR). Magical Ginger when eaten before preforming an incantation will increase your power for the spell; this is essential for true love spells. In the South Pacific, the Dobu islanders have countless uses for ginger. They chew on it and spit it out on the ‘seat’ [SIC] of an illness to cure it, they spit chewed up ginger at upcoming storms, while at sea to halt the sea (“Magical Uses Of Herbs”).

Medicinal Parsley can control antioxidant levels, boost immune system, and increase vitamin A and C levels. Parsley controls breathe (“Parsley”) (“Parsley” PDR). Magical Parsley when eaten provokes lust and promotes fertility, but if you are in love DO NOT CUT parsley or you run the risk of cutting your love. Parsley is commonly associated with death and often is regarded to as evil. Tucking parsley in clothing will protect you throughout the day (“Magical Uses Of Herbs”).

Medicinal Rosemary has various truths in its uses. Rosemary is used in cancer prevention (researchers gave rosemary to test rats for 2 weeks and found the it reduced the binding of the carcinogen by 76%). Rosemary improves memory loss; rosemary is and has been used with Alzheimer’s disease. Rosemary is a natural migraine remedy as well anti-inflammatory, and used in numerous high-end cosmetics to decrease the looks of aging (“Rosemary”) (“Rosemary” PDR). Magical Rosemary is applied for purifying and ridding of negative energy prior to preforming incantation. When placed beneath pillows it will ensure good sleep and drive away nightmares, when hung on the porch, and above doorways rosemary will ward off thieves from the home. Rosemary is utilized for love and lust spells, when rosemary powder is wrapped in a linen cloth and bound to the right arm it will dispel depression making emotions light and merry (“Magical Uses Of Herbs”).

Medicinal Marijuana is said to create chaos in the world, it is a gate-way drug, and kills brain cells. Marijuana has been documented to decrease depression, help cope with anxiety, lower blood pressure, and helps relieve pain. George Washington grew hemp as his primary crop and Thomas Jefferson...
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