Madagascar the Green Island

Topics: Ring-tailed Lemur, Lemur, Strepsirrhini Pages: 4 (1227 words) Published: December 30, 2012
Madagascar is an island that is the fourth largest in the world. After Greenland, New Guinea and Borneo. A vast area of more than 585,000 square kilometers, however it is an island that is certainly although large and small islands around the world will look like the biosphere or unique biodiversity. But Madagascar, which is separated from Africa about 165 million years ago, is a special case. Andrew, Blond, Anderson, Parkinsin. (2008).noted that the plants and animals around 90 percent of which is not found anywhere else in the world is only in here, such as the plans named Baobab that shaped like carrot, Lemurs looks like ghastly, Forest and limestone pillars around the sharp razor blades that always make visitors amazing. Andrew, Blond, Anderson, Parkinsin. (2008). explained that Madagascar as know as a Wonderful Island because of the beautiful scenery and the greenly forest that always attract the tourist to there. Most thing that attract tourist to go there is the nature that remain like in the past such as in The National Parks that has a lot of species of plants that have only in Madagascar and the Animals that you can’t see in all the world except Madagascar that you can see in the country side and because of the people who see Madagascar pay attention to protect and prevent the beautiful scenery of Madagascar.

Almost of the beautiful places of Madagascar is in the country side of the Madagascar. Kramer, Sharma. & Munasinghe. (1995). said that There has many National parks that can separate into 4 types that are Terrestrial National Park, Marine National Park, Complete Nature National Park, and Special National Park and it is almost 40 national parks that separate in all country and about 10 nation parks that is for the people who like to travel and adventure with natural such as Ankarafantsika national parks that is in northwest of Madagascar that is a den of birds and lemurs. Eight species of lemurs have been observed here and a tree that shaped like...
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