Macho Men

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  • Published : October 26, 2008
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There are different kinds of macho men out there, but every macho man has something in common. Even though the description of what a macho person should be like as times change, some characteristics stay the same. Being strong is something that will probably never change in a quality of being a macho person. Every macho man or wannabe macho man strives to stay strong in all aspects of who he is. He who is strong physically, emotionally, and mentally is considered a macho man. These men tend to have certain traits such as being hard-working, responsible, caring, true to their values, and pretty much someone that has a strong grip of who they are and what their values are. A macho kind of man can be described by the qualities that many men in the military hold. Macho men carry themselves with pride, have the ability to be independent, are healthy, and have integrity, moral conviction, and emotional resilience. Basically, having strength defines being macho.

To be a macho man, one must first be physically healthy and have a pretty mannish figure. The exterior appearance of a macho man is major. A macho man must be able to show to others that he has a great deal of power to ward off people or to protect himself and his values. The importance of being physically strong as a macho kind of person is considered necessary. As an example, to get into the military, one needs to have strength from training or working out to be physically fit to handle challenges one may face. For the most part, macho men have confidence in their power and physical ability and that’s a major characteristic in the classification of a macho man.

Next, to being a macho man is to have not only physical strength and power but also emotional strength as well. This has little to do with mere physiology or muscles. Beyond the physical strength, macho men also have strength of character. having a strong morale and confidence in oneself is also a trait in being macho. Someone who is grounded...
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