Machine Gun Preacher

Topics: Sudan, Lord's Resistance Army, United States Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Stefanie Self
Professor Lloyd
Modern World
Cultural Paper

“Machine Gun Preacher “
This movie is based on a true story that is taking place in Africa right now. There are over thirty thousand children that have been abducted since the 1930’s and is still growing. The LRA or the Lord’s Resistance Army enslaves young boys who are strong enough to raise a gun to kill their own people and girls are being used as concubines or house slaves. The LRA has killed over hundreds of thousands of villagers while trying to make their army bigger. Joseph Kony is the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army. He believes that God sent him to purify the people of Uganda and was needed to bring peace to the land. Sam Childers or the “Machine Gun Preacher” is the main character in this story. Throughout most of Sam’s life, he was always in trouble with the law thru violence, drugs and Alcohol. After some encouraging words from Sam’s father, Sam turned his life around and found a job in Construction. Sam later on opens up his own construction business and reestablishes his relationship with God. In 1998, Sam visited the Village of Yei, Southern Sudan. He was there with a mission group from his church to repair damaged homes during the Second Sudanese War. While being there, Sam sees a child torn apart by a landmine put there by the LRA. This event was a turning point for Sam in his life, he would make a pledge to save those children and later will have a vision from god to build an orphanage in Nimule to shelter and feed these children. To this day, Sam and his angels are fighting the LRA to protect these innocent children. This movie was definitely an eye opener for me. I could not get over the fact that this has been happening since the 1980s and I have never heard of it until this year. America should be trying to help Sudan and those poor children. The only thing America has done is put Joseph Kony as a terrorist and has sent only a few men and supplies to help. The...
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