Machiavelli's Idea Works on Today

Topics: Second Chechen War, Human rights, Russia Pages: 3 (756 words) Published: March 19, 2013

Putin is a good example of Machiavelli’s ideas. Putin was elected by the president for two times, He was also the second and the forth(current) prime minister .

He is famous by his powerful policy, in his term of office, he is more focus on develop Russian’s military strength, and he always take a tough stance towards the foreign policy. Moreover, he is concentrate on the advocacy of human rights, though this work is contentious.

Machiavelli will think Putin is a great leader. Because in Machiavelli’s book, he points that if a prince wants to keep his power and land, the most important thing is shows a tough and strong attitude to his people, also to other countries. Machiavelli said Scipio is a bad Emperor because he gave much freedom to his army. From the policy we just talk about, obviously Putin is opposite with Scipio. Putin has a strong attitude about the military. For example, the government put much money on the military research; the Chechnya events in 1999, he ordered the army attack the Chechnya extremists without hesitate. One of his well known saying is “ Russia only has two allies---the army and the navy. These all help him to become Russia more strongly in the military part. Everyone can see that, Russian can, American can, and any country who wants to suppress Russia can see that.

In addition, Machiavelli believes that the prince should be more humanism, it’s a more Renaissance idea. Humanism is talks about the citizenship which means the policy should work more for the society and citizen; it also talks about study the classical like Rome and Greece; and study the world which should do more scientific development and less religion study. Putin did and consist do these things. In his office term, he promise he will improve the human rights and media speech freedom; in an “prime minister on-line” TV program, he take pleasure to solve people’s problems, though it’s a TV program but at least he shows his attitude of protect...
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