Macbeth Relationships

Topics: Macbeth, William Shakespeare, Soliloquy Pages: 4 (1303 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Analyze how the writer develops a relationship between two or more characters for a particular purpose.

In William Shakespeare’s Macbeth the writer develops the relationship of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, emphasizing how both these characters can be corrupted and changed by ambition and greed. Soliloquies, dialogue, character actions and symbolism are all used to portray their ambitious traits, which eventually lead them to their destruction.

Macbeth is a strong man, whose fatal flaw is ambition. His wife Lady Macbeth encourages and manipulates him, planting the seed of ambition and deadly greed in his mind. Her influence on Macbeth leads him to developing this dark side of his character. Through Macbeth’s soliloquies and dialogue between Lady Macbeth and himself, we are able to see the ambition growing between them and corrupting them. Macbeth’s soliloquies show us that he has many internal conflicts and he sees himself as King Duncan’s loyal “kinsman and his subject, strong both against the deed; then as his host, who should against his murder shut the door, not bear the knife myself.” He is doubtful and knows that killing Duncan is wrong, but his dialogue between Lady Macbeth and himself confirm that Lady Macbeth is the source of Macbeths ambition, pushing him to do the treacherous deeds by insulting calling him a coward and saying he is weak, “was the hope drunk wherenin you dress’d yourself? Hath it slept since, and wakes it now, to look so green and pale at what it did so freely?” but she also gives him courage making him believe he is invincible and cannot fail “screw your courage to the sticking-place and we’ll not fail.” Macbeth loves his wife, and she loves him in return but he is lead astray by her ambition, which ultimately leads to his downfall. Shakespeare shows us how even the people we love sometimes do not act within our best interests even though they believe they are doing the right thing for you.

Lady Macbeth is a hard headed...
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