Macbeth Essay

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Macbeth Essay
Hurt people hurt people. This is what induces a cycle of revenge and somehow our species rejoices at the thought of “a tit for a tat”; finds happiness it even. Incidentally, Shakespeare’s play Macbeth focuses on characters thirst for vengeance. Some today may say its justice, but justice has a way of being twisted and induces to fit the needs of the moment and therefore better suit the definition of revenge. People have an innate need to seek revenge. In order for Macduff to recover from the loss of his family, he must reap revenge from the tyrant of Scotland. By leaving them to let them die, Macduff believes that he has failed his family. This is illustrated particularly when he says that even though he is nothing, they were slaughtered because of him, not because of anything they did (IV. iii. 228-229). Macduff’s ultimate goal is to kill Macbeth but he went to England to find help first because he was too cowardly to go alone. He will only be able to accept the punishment of his family’s demise if he kills the man responsible. Macduff’s sense of honor will return to him once he attains his vengeance. Although many think Macduff’s motive for revenge stems from the passing of his family, the question must be asked; did he do it for selfish reasons as well? When Macduff tells Malcolm that “you may/ Convey you pleasures in a spacious plenty/ And yet seem cold” (IV.iii.70-72) it leads to the assumption that perhaps he found a way to satisfy his desires in secret, while still appearing virtuous. When someone seeks to avenge their family they are looked at as a just person. Killing Macbeth will make him seem to be righteous while still achieving his yearning for fame and glory. Macduff’s need to be seen as a hero is a requirement that must be met in order for him to discover happiness. Remember that Macduff is not the only one who grieves from the murderous habits of Macbeth. Malcolm not only mourns for his father but for his people as well....
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