Macbeth Delayed Introduction

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Macbeth Delayed Introduction

There are many different methods for a story to successfully attain a deep impression on a person. May it be simply through the characters personal quality or the storyline itself, these elements assists to make each story exceptionally different. In literature, authors often write stories in a certain way that help people become aware of specific elements. In the play Macbeth, the play writer, William Shakespeare chooses to delay Macbeth’s introduction for a few reasons that create different effects in order to help establish his character’s persona. These reasons are to create suspense in addition to emphasize certain personal qualities as well as to establish Macbeth’s place in society.

Building tension and creating suspense are one of the few elements that helps form a character’s persona. In the first scene of Act 1, under thunder and lightning where the three witches gather, they converse about where they shall meet again. The second witch decides for them to meet “upon the heat” (Shakespeare 1) which, the third witch responds with, “There to meet with Macbeth” (Shakespeare 1). By mentioning Macbeth without actually knowing who he actually is yet creates suspense which allows curiosity to quickly grow. Growing curiosity leads to questions like, “Who is Macbeth?” and “Why would they want to meet with him?” that inevitably comes to mind after just one mention of his name. The thought of the character and the current suspense have become far too intriguing to set free, therefore developing high expectations over the character that naturally establishes its persona.

Another reason is to emphasize a certain personal quality more effectively which, in this case is Macbeth’s heroic characteristics and bravery because doing this will naturally shape his character’s persona. People do not usually reveal their own importance by themselves. Doing this establishes a negative effect on the other party which lets them think that...
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