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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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In our wordle we used a white background that represents Lady Macbeths appearance and how society views Lady Macbeth as a woman, innocent as a white dove. We make the words a dark theme along witht the color red for it represents lady Macbeths true nature and the contrast in the colors represent how her character breaks the female sterotypes. The first trait i identified she had is megalomania. The quote I chose for her megalomania personality is: “And fill me from head to toe, top full of direst cruely” (1.5.45-46) This quote shows how Lady Macbeth is willing to give up the gentleness of humankind to achieve to achieve power to make her dream sound more dramatic in terms of de she said desires. She said “ take my milk for gall” (1.5.51) Women’s milk symbolises her feminine personality by saying this , Lady macbet wants the spirits to strip her feminine personality so that she can achieve her desire. These two quotes indicate Lady macbeth’s greed for power even if she has to lose herself to gain more .

Another trait I came up for Lady Macbeth is ferocious. As a women lady Macbeth is willing to do anything to acheive her goal, killing and framing other people is no exception. As she said “What cannot we do to the unguarded Duncan??” (1.7.37). To Lady Macbeth achieveing her goal is top priority. Lady Macbeth will get rid of all obstacles in the way to achieve her goal. King Duncan is a obstacle to her. As a result she is willing to do whatever it takes to kill King Duncan even when he’s asleep. Lady Macbeth would put blame on others, as she says “ Smear the sleepy grooms with blood” (2.2.50). When Macbeth finally murdered King Duncan
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