M2 Assignment 2012

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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References are to the prescribed textbook: Du Plessis, J.P., Jooste, C.J., and Strydom, W.J., 2009. Applied Strategic Marketing. 3rd ed. Cape Town: Heinemann. QUESTION 1 SECTION 1 [90] [10]

This question reflects on the analysis of the macro environment (Du Plessis et al., 2009, Chapter 2). The students have to identify four trends in the macro and/or market environment that influence the chosen business. A trend is something that changes in the macro or market environment, for example:  Rise in disposable income  Customers search for value for money  Entry of competitors  Rising costs  Environment protection/‘green industry’  Changing lifestyles  Changing role of women  New legislation  Changing needs of consumers. Each trend has to be discussed briefly and student has to indicate what the influence/ impact of the trend on the franchise is. NOTE: It is not possible to provide model answers. The students have total freedom to formulate their answers. SECTION 2 Students have to reflect on:  The competitive forces in the industry  A general overview of the market © IMM Graduate School of Marketing M2 / MAR202


Marking Memorandum: 1st Semester 2012

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Overview of the different segments in the market Perform a market attractiveness/business position analysis.

See Du Plessis et al. (2009, Chapters 3 and 4). Students have freedom in formulating their answers. Examiners will assess each answer on its merits. SECTION 3 STRENGTHS  Reputation for good quality furniture [10] WEAKNESSES  Reactive attitude of H&M to exclusive market  Capacity restrictions for export  Poor service  Take or leave attitude  High prices  Slow delivery  COD policy  Low level of brand awareness. THREATS  Unemployment and high interest rates  Professional and high income earners leaving the country  Fierce...
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