Lyndon B. Jonson

Topics: Lyndon B. Johnson, Texas, San Marcos, Texas Pages: 3 (1004 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Robert Nunez
US History 1302
Joe Willoughby

Book: Big Daddy From The Pedernales
By: Paul K. Conkin

Born into a well- known educated family, Lyndon Baines Johnson came from not only a small hill country town in central Texas but also with a an extraordinary family heritage. Lyndon has always been adored since birth. Being the first child both of his parents gave him the love and affection all throughout his adolescent life. Having the support from both his mother Rebekah Baines and father Samuel Ealy Johnson, Jr who pushed Lyndons limits and capabilities that young Lyndon inherited growing up. Politics and education seemed to flow in the Johnson family blood. Growing up, young Lyndon’s interest in politics and education exceeded and was noticeable everywhere he went.

Lyndons strong leadership skills and charming personality seemed to fit everywhere he went wither being class president of his high school or president of the United States. Lyndon was like that missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle that completed the entire work of art. “Johnson became one of the most provincial of Americans, a provincial not from Texas but from the nation’s capital,” (pg 62). He proved this during the 1960’s after stepping up to become the leader of America after the tragic death of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

In “Big Daddy From The Pedernales”  Paul K. Conkin introduced a young self motivated  young boy transitioning his mystified adolescent life into a mature powerful leader. A simple being from a small hill country town in Texas who proved not only to himself but to the world that he can full-fill anything he purposed his mind to. “Being a Texan is often not just an accident of birth but a cause,” (pg 8). The Johnson family has impacted the great state of Texas until this day and implemented to the rest of the U.S that Texans are not just some hill country farm beings from the south but also very intellectual, powerful and competent. President Lyndon introduced that...
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