Lymphatic System

Topics: Blood, Lymphatic system, Lymph node Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Lymph system
The system consist of lymph vessel lymph fluids and lymph organs .The organs of lymph system are distributed in whole bodys in differents regions.The organs of lymph system are thyms, spleen , axilary and ingerly lymph nodes tisles etc. These lymphotic organs are present in the way of the lymphitic fluids . The lymphocyte are produce in the bone marrow house mainly. Then these are transfer or move towrd whole body in bllod stream or in lamphotic vessels. The lymph fluid enter to lymph vessel from blood stream in the reagion of neck or we can say from jegular artery. Thyms is present below the neck region and is the house of T lymphocyte . The house of the B lymphocyte is bone marrow . The lymphatic nodes are presents in the different parts of the human body which is in the way of flow of the lymphatic fluid . The lymphatic are mainly presents in the neck region under the arms . The lymphatic nodes have special structure like bean or kidney shape structure. The lymph nodes have outer region named Cortex and inner region medulla .The B lymphocyte are present in outer cortex .The outer cortex contain T lymphocyte. And the medulla contains plasma cell which form from convertion of the B lymphocyte. The afferents lymph vessels are coming from out side to the lymph nodes and the efferent vessels are coming out from the lymph nodes . The artery enter to lymph nodes for circulation of the blood and break into capillaries then as capillaries end and enter to vein so the region in the inner cortex where the capillary enter to veins called postcapillary venules . In this region as epithelial tissue are present in side the blood vessels have special type of cell which catch or push the lymphocyte into the lymph nodes body or lymph cavity. The spleen is the largest lymph organ in our body. It is present in the region just above the abdomen or beside the stomach . It is about 150 grams by weight. And is about the size of the heart . It have two main parts or...
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