Luis Cardenas

Topics: High school, Teacher, School Pages: 4 (1655 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Luis Cardenas’ Career Possibilities

Have you ever been given the chance to pick between a job that will make you win a lot of money in life or a job that will satisfy you as a career and passion? Luis had a passion for teaching ever since he was in high school teaching to 10 year old kids. “He decided to go into teaching nine years ago, between his sophomore and junior years in high school, when he worked in a summer camp”(143). Luis was raised in the largest city of the state, where he have deep roots with friends and family. For half a year he had felt like a slave as a paralegal in a large law firm, and another half year as a junior executive has only made him realize his desire to become a teacher. He got into the habit of coming home and saying ‘‘there goes another 8 hours of my life down the drain”(143). Finally after completing his B.A and receiving his teaching credentials, he decided to apply for a part time substitute teaching position until something came up. Soon because of the many retirements and the good impression he had earned with the school where he worked, they offered him a full-time teaching job. However, Sunset National Bank, a place where he applied, is offering him a job over 15 other candidates, “Sunset National Bank has chosen him over 15 other candidates for the trainee position because of his excellent academic background, fine references from his previous jobs, and outstanding interview” (144) . This opportunity would give him a slighter better paying salary, starting at $41,000 for the first year. In addition to his pay at the bank, where he will be promoted to loan officer, he will be receiving an additional $3,000 raise. Luis is now stuck in a position where teaching is the dream job he has wanted since High School, but he has also been given the opportunity of becoming a highly recommended banker, two choices that can be a very stressful decision to make. Luis should live up to his dream and become a teacher like he has...
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