Luggers vs. Butchers

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  • Published: February 27, 2012
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The Luggers Versus The Butchers
Food Merchandising Corporation has a warehouse located in a small city in New Jersey. The warehouse stocks certain types of meats and then ships them to various stores. Trucks or freight cars are used to transport the meats. The warehouse has two separate groups to process the beef, one being the warehouse men, also known as the luggers, which transport the beef within the warehouse to freezers to await the butchering process, which is handled by the butchers. It is important that the process be expedited in order to move the product out as quickly as possible to meet demand. The company goals are straight forward; maintaining efficient interdependent groups that work together to achieve success. The luggers transport and stock the beef for the butchers, who then butcher the meat into smaller wholesale cuts. The meat is then restocked and ready for shipping out based on order requests. If all groups fulfill their job tasks and work jointly to expedite process it is a win-win situation for all. However, that is not the case as the organization’s structure is wavering due to employees having their own agenda while management is sitting on the sidelines observing rather than being active participants. The luggers have taken control of their space in the warehouse and rearranged it to their advantage. They turned the tables on the butchers, who once held the higher-esteemed position with higher wages and less physical labor. Through innovative transport rails and team effort, the luggers now have more earning potential than the butchers and put forth less physical effort than previously required to complete their tasks. Management, once a strong presence, has now been placed on the sidelines due to a change in political power that was diluted by the presence of the union and managers and employees that have formed alliances. From a company point of view, the warehouse is producing and meeting production goals, but from a structural perspective the warehouse foundation is faltering and in danger of collapsing if the butchers walk out due to their job dissatisfaction. The company’s hierarchy should be from top to bottom, manager, foreman, and then luggers and butchers. They also should have union support and representation from the union representative and the shop steward. However, the luggers have changed the standard of operating procedures and routines and when the butchers complain, their concerns are not heard as management has lost control of the luggers in addition to being in alliance with them. Problem Statement

The Food Merchandising Corporation warehouse has an efficient productive structure that is working for the company based on bottom line productivity. However, from the employees’ viewpoint, it is a dysfunctional structure. This dysfunctional structure has ineffective management with inequality distribution, which is causing conflict between management and employees. Leadership is an important role to maintain when in a management position. The managers were taking the side of the luggers and disregarding the feelings of the butchers. The primary function of a leader is to motivate his or her followers and that is done through leadership behavior. Leaders should adjust their styles. Being in a management position requires maturity, readiness and confidence. Solutions

1. Distribute equality
The inequality of justice between the luggers and butchers is creating conflict between them and among the two subgroups. The luggers, having their alliance with management, have no repercussions for their bad behaviors, even when they are in violation of the union and company guidelines when they unload trucks during company work hours. The butchers are closely supervised and do not receive the same equality as the luggers. 2. Money equals motivation

The luggers are working for tips on top of their regular pay while the butchers are working for nothing more than what...
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