Topics: Philippines, Filipino people Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: July 10, 2010
Milo Paz

The story is about poverty that the Filipino people facing each day of their lives, on how to survive. We know what life we have in the Philippines, how hard to live. Some Filipinos depend on other people’s help. The story shows how important the food in their everyday lives. Because of the person who was trying to have some document about that one person’s life, the thing that the person gives importance was gone, which is a cue to show his feelings and how does he gives importance with that food.

For me, that story shows the current situation of some Filipinos who appreciate everything comes to their lives even it comes in big and small packages. Today, everyone was working hard to get those things that they need to survive in everyday lives. This film helps us, students who doesn’t know how hard to provide the needs of our family to appreciate little things that they are trying to give us, and for us to realize the hardship of our parents to provide our needs.

I know how hard to stop poverty, but I guess there’s a way to lessen this situation in our country. I guess in this situation I can stand as one of the children who are dependent on our parents, they made our lives easy and they don’t want let us to work and find our own food. Those things that made by our parents are things that we found in everyday life that can bring us appreciation if we just take the time to notice and acknowledge for what it is.
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