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Topics: Journalism, Mass media, News media Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Formal Essay One: “News Media and Me” Essay due: before Spring Break

Here is the overall mission:

Write an essay about your relationship with U.S. news media as it pertains to your real interests.

Please construct your essay in the four parts explained below. The questions are questions to CONSIDER, and possibly respond to, if they pertain to you:

Part 1: Describe/Explain your relationship with information media PRIOR TO this semester. --What value did you place on news information?
--What medium/media (forms) did you prefer?
--How much news did you take in? 
--What topics/subjects/sections did you pay attention to, and why? --What media outlets (brands, networks, specific voices) did you prefer?

Part 2: Write about your understanding of published standards of journalism, such as the Society for Professional Journalism’s Code of Ethics. --Do the standards of journalism make sense to you?
--How well do you think the U.S. news media have been living up to the standards? --Give specific examples of media outlets meeting the standards, and/or not meeting them.

Part 3: Observe and then critique two or three of the outlets listed on the “Media Links” webpage—being sure to name the outlets and examples you are critiquing. --Do these outlets challenge or change your view of news media? --If these outlets are new to you, do you think you will engage more with them in the future?

Part 4: Conclusion: Write about your current relationship with news media. --What has come up in our reading, observing, lectures and discussion that might change the way you think of news media? --What else influences the way you choose and receive information in the U.S. media sphere? --What can you do, personally, in order to get the best information possible? --What recommendation(s) would you make to people involved in reporting, discussing, and/or taking in news media information?

Suggested length: 2 pages, typed, 1.5-spaced, using 11- or 12-point font....
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