Low Income Family

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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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I would consider myself now at the moment a lower middle class individual because I have an 8 am - 5 pm job as simulator technician at oil based company. But sometimes I would like to consider myself a upper middle class individual just by the way I carry myself around people but I am still a lower middle class. My life consists of working a job of required skills of which not just any person can fill. I had to go to numerous classes and pass the exams in order to be certified a simulator technician. But honestly after reading this chapter and understanding the six social classes in the United States identified by Lloyd Warner, I really want to achieve more in my job and move myself up the success later. I really did not know that there was anything close to this type of description of social classes. I can appreciate this and realize where I am in life and give myself a reality check and see if I want to settle where I am or strive to the top and put out 100 % of my ability to work harder for an exceptional lifestyle that I would enjoy to the fullest. By labeling myself lower-middle class I can see where I am in life and continue to strive for better and hopefully enjoy some conspicuous consumption because I feel intended for that I keep telling myself I want to achieve more as in education and income wise. Now I as far as some of my friends I would have to consider them the same category or upper lower class. Some of my friends settle for their position in society and never really consider really trying to improve or better their lifestyle. I guess some of my friends haven’t had a reality check or taken “sociology” in order to comprehend the situation a person lives in like I did. I honestly thought I lived in middle class society but society differs from place to place. I thought of myself as a middle class individual before taking this sociology class. Then I came to a sudden realization of the six different social classes and gave me motivation and desire to...
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