(Love)Narration Engl 101, W/O Conclusion

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The first time I felt love or passion was when I discovered friendship. When I think of friendship, my dear, life long friend, Precious comes to mind. When I first met Precious it didn't take long before I viewed her as an enemy. Our friendship didn't truly reveal itself until, an undesirable insident lead us to find comfort through each other at one of our most venerable moments. The following is a short story about the day I first realized the love I had for Precious; the girl who became one of my bestfriends.

It was at the end of the school year when Precious and I were first introduced by our mutual friend Shea. All three of us walked home together that day, excited that seventh grade was almost over. Precious and I were kind of quite; and so, it was Shea who did most of the talking. Besides, Shea's exuberance over the fact that Precious had red undertone's in her skin and long black hair like that of an indian girl; she went on to share how much they had in common, like their love for animals and nature. At that moment, I knew in the long run I'd be fighting for Shea's attention; and not long after summer vacation started that's exactly what I ended up doing. But, I wasn't alone. Precious seemed to feel the same way; and eventually we could barely stand each other.  

  That summer Precious and I spent many afternoon's rolling our eyes at each other, and jostling sarcastic remarks, as to defeat one another while competing for Shea's attention. As Precious put it, I was " boreing" because she seemed to think that Shea should spend her days helping her walk her dog, climbing trees, and crossing railroad tracks. With my mother raising me to be well cultured, by taking me to every museum and stage play in the Philadelphia area; and my father's idea of family time, consisted of flying kites in Fairmont Park and visiting the Japanese and Greenhouse gardens, where my uncle worked. My idea of having fun was spending summer mornings at the recreational center...
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