Love Adn Haite

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Lovea and Hate
Love is the greatest gift we can ever hope to give or receive. Love is the one thing that can overcome so many of the difficult times that we are faced with in life. Love is so powerful - it can turn frowns into smiles. It can help mend the most broken heart. It can even turn all of the ugliness in the world into the mostbeautiful portrait we could ever have the pleasure to behold. Emotions are the strongest feelings that come to life through our highest highs and our lowest lows. The two most extreme emotions known to man are love and hate. As experience has taught me, “Love conquers all.” With love, you can do anything. The power of love is stronger than hate because love gets you where you want to go and hate only brings pain and sorrow in its wake. When we begin to read Wuthering Heights, we begin to realize that the story is built around love. Heathcliff and Catherine’s love was unsurpassed. When Hindley begins to abuse on Heathcliff and Catherine marries Edgar Linton, Heathcliff exacts his revenge. Love and hate can be two of the strongest emotions expressed. When one expresses these emotions they are usually expressed in one of three types of relationships. The three types of relationships are: intimate relationship, a family relationship or a friend relationship. When the words “I love you” are said to someone it is meant to show how much affection is held in that relationship, when the words “I hate you” are said it is meant to show how much resentment or anger is held at the person in that relationship. The difference between loving someone and hating someone is that if you are expressing love you accept the flaws and mistakes of the other person in the relationship, and if you are expressing hate then there is an absence of forgiveness and understanding.

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