Louvre- Culture Industry Management

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History, vision and mission
Louvre was built by Philip II in the end of 12 century. At that time, the Louvre was a castle which had been used to defense but not to live. In 14 century, Charlie V decided to live into the Louvre. During the French Revolution, Louvre was opened to public as a museum. After Napoleon was in power, he began to expand the scan of the Louvre. And at the period of Napoleon III, Louvre museum buildings were finished up completely. Until now the Louvre has become well-known in all over the world, and its success cannot do without its mission and vision. The vision is working in the way of suiting for the most public. And its mission is “to preserve and pass on its universal heritage to future generations. ” The public service

The Louvre has six exhibition halls which can provide nearly 400 thousand royal architectures and cultural treasures for people to visit. In additional, not only the exhibits can be provided, also there are lectures, symposia, films, music, live performances, and archives and filmed footage for visitors. In the past decades, the Louvre focus on the valuable collection show for those professionals and collectors to appreciate, but now they committee to attract eyes of public and do their efforts to country development. Organizational structures and governance

The curator of Louvre is appointed by the head of state whose term of office is three years. The daily affairs in museum are charged by administrative council. The council has 18 persons, and three of them are the representative of country. The curator is also the chairman of the council. The Louvre has several departments such as are, technology, information, security, culture development, public, and store departments. One has to be mentioned is half of the stuffs are securities, about 2 thousand. Because the Louvre is so large that, in order to rotating normally, it needs a lot of securities. In the past, the staffs in the Louvre were...
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