Lotus Development

Topics: Ethics, Stakeholder, Internet privacy Pages: 2 (393 words) Published: January 21, 2011
Lotus Development Corporation launched its Marketplace product in 1990. The product was a marketing database of 120 million US consumers, with demographic information based on publicly available information (continued on p. 273)... Who owns the information that is collected? DO you, t he person who initially provided information to the collector? Or the collecting organization that spent the resources to save the information in the first place? Explain. I would say that the collecting organization that spent the resources owns the information. #3 - Consider arrest records, which are mostly computerized and stored locally by law enforcement agencies. They have an accuracy rate of about 50% - about half of them are inaccurate, incomplete, or ambiguous. These records often are used by others than just law enforcement. Approximately 90% of all criminal histories in the US are available to public and private employers. Use the three normative theories of business ethics to analyze the ethical issues surrounding this situation. How might hiring decisions be influences inappropriately by this information? The stockholder theory is the oldest theory is held by contemporary business ethicists to be outdated and unacceptable as it reeks of rampant capitalism. Stakeholder theory holds that Managers although bound by their relation to stockholders have to also take into consideration the people that hold a stake or claim in the firm. If provided the wrong information by the computerized records this can cause a firm not to hire an individual because of erroneous information.

#5 - Should there be a global Internet privacy policy? Yes there should be reasonable precautions taken to secure Personal Data 1# - Under what conditions would you recommend using each of these funding methods: allocation, chargeback, and corporate budgeting? Chargeback is a system for fairly allocating IT costs to internal businesses based on their use of defined IT services at rates based on...
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