Lotteries Harmful Affects on Us All

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The lottery Addiction
April 13, 2011

The lottery has seduced many Americans to it harmful empowerment of money that has lead many people to their demise and the more people that play the lottery the more suffering it brings to people and everyone around them. The lottery dates back to 7th century B.C. at the Arab peninsula where most gambling at that time took place where men at the age of seventeen or older would gamble who would win major battles or things that happen in everyday lives. From that time period on the lottery has progressed like casinos and lottery tickets which are tickets with numbers on them and if the number is identical to the one on television or sometimes in stores someone will win millions of dollars. People may believe that winning millions of dollars is fun because it’s money, everyone wants money, but soon the lottery wont seem fun when the person that becomes shrouded and blinded by the lotteries winnings that it will lead them to their demise because the lottery has caused many negative influences on people because many are becoming addicted and when earnings are won family bonds are often broken because the lottery winner becomes negatively empowered.

First the lottery has a harmful effect on us all because people that play the lottery get attached and addicted to it and once they start they can’t stop. Others may argue that people only play the lottery to win money. Well think about it the average person that plays the lottery buys approximately thirty five to fifty lottery tickets a month and with the very slim odds of winning because six million play the lottery and people still aware of the small odds now that’s addictive. Many people play the lottery its all across America so if 6 million people play and people spend seven to twelve dollars playing the lottery than if one person out of six million play than giving away one million dollars is nothing to them, the people actually in charge of the lottery are making millions because their getting millions of dollars from selling the lottery tickets and for one lucky winner to get one million dollars while the fat cats keep the rest of their millions. As long as people are hooked on to this game that their being cheated on the people in charge of the lottery are still winning their money and the minds of Americans because their brainwashing people with a lot of money, like if one month the lottery was giving out seventeen million dollars people from all across America would be going to stores to buy tickets they would do basically anything to get their hands on that money and the weird thing is that “the more the prize money goes up the more people that play”( According to the chances for winning the lottery is one in six point five million and if someone wants to get good odds of winning people have to buy a minimum of two-hundred twenty seven tickets. People play the lottery and buy a ticket price ranging from seven to twelve dollars each and for someone to get good odds they have to have a lot of money and why would people buy all giant amount of tickets just to loose? It’s because people are blinded all the money they are giving away that they don’t realize what their putting at steak which is their lives. People put their live in risk by doing the lottery by when people play the lottery their actually loosing a lot of money and how can an average person maintain a living while spending a lot of money unconsciously on lottery tickets, and according to claims that the average American that is hooked on the lottery struggles while keeping a living or even becomes homeless. Also claims eighty two people that get hooked onto the lottery cant stop because it memorizes people with its enormous winning so people try to get their luck and buy as many tickets as they can until one lucky person will win now. People buy as...
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