Loss of Creature

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  • Published : December 3, 2006
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The Loss of Creature

During this essay written by Walker Percy, it is clear that his overall opinion of experiencing new things is in the eye of the beholder and/or the hands of those around them and their social status. Percy uses many examples in his writing including that of an explorer, tourist, and local all seeing things for the first time either literally or in a new different light. In this essay, I will play on both sides of regaining experiences, seeing things on a different level then before or the first time. Regaining experiences is a valid argument brought up by Percy as it is achievable. While criticizing each side of the argument, I will also answer questions as to the validity of Percy's argument, sovereignty, what is important in Percy's literature, and my own experiences that contradict my opinion now as well as others that support it. Regaining and experiencing new things includes taking what you expect and putting that aside while you soak up the true environment you are in. To accomplish a sovereign state of mind, you must let those around you influence you only in a way that helps you grasp/control the situation even farther.

Percy's argument begins with him describing the beautiful site involved in experiencing a new vision or experience for the first time. Explorers seeing their New found land for the first time would be the ultimate first experience. Is Percy correct to relate an experience to that of which he has not experienced? I believe he is at fault for bringing up an experience he is completely foreign to in an effort to explain a different sensation in which he has. At this point, he has dropped himself from that of a distinguished learner/writer to an everyday individual with no exceptional feats or accomplishments. Percy does a good job of following that up with more realistic examples that could have happened to him such as the Grand Canyon experience. This relates to experiencing a site that you have...
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