Loss Because of Power Cut Off

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Power companies lose Rs 550 cr in 2 days

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Pow e r com panie s lose Rs 550 cr in 2 day s
Sudhe e r Pal Singh / Ne w De lhi Aug 03, 2012, 00:46 IST
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The m as s ive electricity grid failure earlier this week, that left a m ajority of India in darknes s , has im pacted the volum es of power generation com panies . The wors t power black-out in the world hit their revenues by an es tim ated Rs 550 crore in two days . The com panies affected by the grid collaps e were s tate-owned power generator NTPC Ltd, Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd ( NPCIL) and Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC) in the central s ector. Am ong the s tates , power utilities of Rajas than, Haryana and Uttar Prades h had to s hut capacity down. About 35,000 Megawatt (Mw) of capacity had to be s hut as the northern grid, that caters to nine s tates including the national capital, collaps ed under the weight of exces s ive load on Monday. Even before the exact caus e of the incident could be unders tood, two additional grids – eas tern and north-eas tern, tripped along with the northern grid on Tues day. The generation los s on the s econd day was 55,000 Mw. Taken together, the generation los s of 90,000 Mw on the two days was clos e half of India’s ins talled power capacity of 200,000 Mw. While s om e plants rem ained s hut for a few hours or les s than a day, others rem ained s hut for m ore than a day before revival efforts kicked in. Power com panies refus ed to divulge details of revenue los s from the incident but a back of the book calculation puts the figure at around Rs 550 crore, as s um ing an average Plant Load Factor (PLF) of 85 per cent, the total revenue los s to the com panies is es tim ated to be Rs 550 crore. The calculation is bas ed on a cons ervative es tim ate of s ale price at Rs 3 per unit.

NTPC was am ong the wors t-hit, with s ix of its m ain plants brought down by grid failure. While the com pany did not s hare revenue los s details , bas ed on the as s um ptions s tated above, the im pact on profit is expected to be around Rs 42.6 crore. “Around 7,000 Mw (a fifth of NTPC’s capacity) went down for s om e hours . The capacity s tarted com ing in within hours of the grid rectification,” a s enior official from NTPC Ltd told Bus ines s Standard.

As ked to com m ent on the los s figure, the official s aid, “Our profit and los s is bas ed on fixed cos t and not the entire Rs 3 per unit s ale price, which has 70 per cent of fuel cos t. Als o, fixed cos t is m uch les s in m os t of our old s tations . The average price of Rs 3 per unit includes new s tations .” NTPC, which generates 220 billion units of electricity, recorded a m arginal 1.3 per cent increas e in net profit las t financial year (2011-12), at the back of a 9.4 per cent ris e in total incom e at Rs 64,832 crore.

Am ong the NTPC-owned plants that becam e a victim of the grid collaps e were the 2,500-Mw Rihand therm al power s tation, the 2,000-Mw Singrauli plant, the 1,800Mw Dadri plant, the 1,050-Mw Unchahar power s tation and the 705-Mw Badarpur power plant. The Rajas than Atom ic Power Station of NPCIL was als o am ong the...
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