Losing Someone Close

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Losing Someone Close
Losing a close person to you is like losing an important body part. Knowing someone is about to leave your side but you just don’t know when and what time of the day is scary. Checking on that person to make sure they still breathing and still responds when you call their name and conversations are good. My grandmother was a great woman. She’s a great definition of what a wife, mother, grandmother, survivor, and a supporter should be. Knowing it was almost her time to leave us was sad my family and I. The backbone of the family wasn’t going to be there physically but still mentally. Her death took a toll on my family in different ways anyone could imagine. My grandmother was battling with cancer since my mother was a little girl. She never let the cancer get the best of her. Traveling around the world was her all-time favorite next to shopping, and didn’t let anything stop her from going nowhere or looking good. She kept the entire family in church. No matter if you were playing sick or just didn’t want to go. When the family was into it and got mad at each other like all families do, she was there to get everything back to together. Meal time was the best because of everybody comes over and have a great time. Even if you wasn’t seeing eye to eye that didn’t matter because the family was together and she wouldn’t let an argument come in between the family. Once her cancer started to get the best of her we never left her side. Even when knowing some of the family wasn’t getting alone, the family came together because that was one thing she wanted to see. She was placed on hospice. Family was her number one thing. The house was never empty. Longtime friends and even her co-workers from when she worked came by the house none stop. I remember this one cold fall dark night when I came home and seen the house packed with car and people. Everybody there laughing gathering talking to my grandmother as if she wasn’t on hospice and cancer never...
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