Lord of the Flies, Simons Short Journal

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  • Published : January 5, 2010
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Simon’s Journal
I had awakened with my nose bleeding; I had tried to regain my stamina while standing in this dazed moment. Now I sit here staring into the gruesome pig’s eye that’s being hung from a stick. I feel a bit nervous, as if the pig is staring right at me. Watching what I do but not saying a word anymore. Since being stranded on this island, I feel this is more of a popularity contest between Ralph and Jack than actually try to survive with the means of civilization. Although now I see the separation of our group physically and mentally, Ralph wanting to have more of a civilized place, with everyone having a task to do. Then there’s Jack, who shows savagery unlike any other, and leads his group with determination. I sense the ying yang effect in a way on this island, good vs. evil, and at the moment I feel like the evil is taking over. At first we were all able to get along, until everyone’s ambition started to come out, a sense of freedom and having no adults started to arise, and all I could do is watch this happen. I’ve taken enough liberty to take care of the twins, if I wouldn’t look after the littluns, who would? Everyone is getting so caught up with Jack’s words, its frustrating me that no one looks for a logical solution or having some moral within one self. Now I’m starting to recall the conversation I had with the head that’s sitting in front of me. It was the beast, the lord of the flies, which had me confused, and more than anything blanched. I knew there was logic to the beast, there wasn’t a beast out there on the island, but the beasts within all of us. Is that why parents are there to help us out so we don’t turn out to be who we on this island; savages. The beast had hinted that it wasn’t real and just a part us, a part of me. It started to make sense now, the savagery shown...
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