Lord of the Flies Essay

Topics: Positive psychology, William Golding, Leadership Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: November 28, 2012
In The novel Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding in 1954 a group of British boys is on a plane that crashes onto an island. As the boys attempt to fend for themselves, distinct personalities emerge. Piggy, who is bullied and teased, is a symbol of maturity. Meanwhile, Ralph is elected chief when they first arrive on the island, but he loses his leader ship to Jack. He is a symbol of optimism. Jack is evil and is a symbol of savagery. Piggy is the biggest outcast to of all the boys on the island. Everything from his maturity to his looks places him on a pedestal for bullying. This is proven in chapter four when he says “Having sense makes you an outcast” (71). He constantly refers to his aunt and tries to preserve sophistication; piggy is the most logical character. But this connects to the real world. People with respectable looks would be considering a leader, then someone who resembles piggy-fat, slow, pinkish skin. Piggy presence in the novel shows that no matter the quality of ideas not all people are listened to. Piggy remains confident to the savagery going on around him, until he is killed by giant rock. “How can you expect to rescue if we don’t put first thing first and act proper?” (45) Piggy says this at a meeting with the boys. That statement couldn’t be any truer, but not when it’s coming from piggy.

Ralph never seems to lose hope he is elected chief at the first meeting by his ability to call a meeting that seemed to win over the boys. As any civilization dissolves on the island and jack steals chief position, Ralph keeps s optimism. One reason he has hope is because of his father. Ralph tells piggy that his father has a map that has every island in the world on it, including the one they are stranded on. This belief helps him to cope with the change in society on the island. But in chapter 11Ralph is pushed to his breaking point. “Don’t you understand, you painted fools? Sam, Eric, piggy, and me, we aren’t enough… look at that! Call...
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