Lord of the Flies

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The evil within
The boys said with fear filled voices “you don’t know Roger, he’s a terror” (Golding’s 189). This is said towards the end of the lord of the flies by the characters SamnEric. This quote states that they fear roger more than the morality of their old life. In Williams Golding’s the lord of the flies, Roger represents the unstable balance of one’s morality and the primitive impulse to destroy and proves that humans are easily tempted towards evil.

Within the novel, Roger is used as a bridge to evil. When the “savages” hunt the sow it begins to show the evil in Roger. Like a demon torturing the small animal “Roger found a lodgment for his point and began till he was leaning his whole weight,” (Golding’s 189) showing Roger’s natural desire to kill. Roger’s evil nature continued to show as he and jack slowly killed the Sow. With an evil glare in his eye as he watched “the spear move forward inch by inch and the terrified squealing became a high pitched scream” showing Rogers satiation in slowly killing the Sow. With these two acts of cruel violence the author showed the evil within the young boy.

The reason for Roger’s creation is because he acts a view of evil struggling to be released. In the beginning of the novel there are a view moments when Roger shows resistance against his evil thoughts. As Roger threw stones he thought to himself “here, invisible yet strong was the taboo of the old life,” (Golding’s 62) showing how the boy still wants to keep his humanity. Struggling with himself “Roger’s arm was conditioned by a civilization that knew nothing of him and was in ruins,” (Golding’s 62) showing that Roger still binds himself to civilized world that he can no longer make contact with. In this part of the novel, William Golding’s wanted to show how difficult it is to suppress ones inner darkness.

In the middle of the novel, Roger stops resisting his evil thoughts and started doing as they commanded. Roger shows evil when instead of the sow...
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