Lord Krishna

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|Janmashtami or Krishnashtami is one of the most popular Hindu festivals and celebrated with great enthusiasm. All across the | |nation, cities and states have a festive look during the Janmashtami celebration. But now the question is why Janmastami is | |celebrated. | |Significance of Janmashtami relates to the historical background of the birth of Lord Krishna. |

Lord Krishna was born to free the earth from all kinds of evil and its sources. He was entitled to kill all the demons on this earth. He was born on the eighth day of Krishna Paksha in the month of Sravana. According to Hindu mythology, he was exchanged with the baby girl child of Yashodha and Nanda. This was done to save him from the clutches of his maternal uncle Kansa who was determined to kill the Lord at the time of his birth. Hence, Kansa had also imprisoned his sister and brother-in-law. But eventually, Lord Krishna killed Kansa and saved Mathura.  From then on, people celebrate every year birthday of the Lord. The main items of the worship are feeding Brahmins, listening to sacred stories and performing puja in honour of Krishna. Janamashtami is celebrated at schools, with great joy. Students attired themselves like Radha and Krishna, with a beautiful smile on their faces . Students are given information about the Krishna's life and his thoughts. Special "Matkie" is prepared which is later broken by "Kanha" and his friends, together to get butter from it. Whole scene looks like as if school is dipped in the colours of rainbows, where kids celebrate lord Krishna's Birthday with their own special way.
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