Long Walk to Forever

Topics: Short story, Fiction Pages: 2 (867 words) Published: April 5, 2011
Among the first things one is taught when learning how to write novels, short stories or even essays are effective titles. Although instructed not to judge a book by its cover or title, most people will admit to doing so. A title needs to be luring, meaningful and perhaps both metaphoric and literal, or one or the other. However, among the qualities that make a title exceptional is its ability to present a certain depth so that it can be perceive and applied to the text in different ways. After reading Long Walk to Forever, one may be quick to decide that the title does not represent the story well since it is a fairly short walk the characters embark on when they decide to be together. Upon further investigation, the title begins to seem more effective, because when one considers how long these characters have known each other, it becomes more apparent that the “walk” represents their walk as friends, the short “walk” when they decide to be together and the “walk” they embark on afterwards as a couple.

Growing as next door neighbors and best friends, Newt and Catharine’s “walk” started at a very young age. After being friends for so long their friendship grew and nourished an also growing love for one another that couldn’t be replaced. This process of building a friendship, even without the aspect of romantic love is a hard and sometimes grueling task. One has to put a lot of effort into making such a relationship work. Here the use of the word “long” in the title directly applies to the idea that things seem longer when they require more work and effort. Most people will agree, however, that the concept of forever, whether it is friends forever or a couple forever is worth the effort.

Another interpretation of the title Long Walk to Forever is the relatively short walk when the couple embarks on when deciding whether or not to be together. Although relative to the other walks that the couple has, this walk in particular seems short. However, if one...
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