Long Walk Home

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  • Published : March 31, 2011
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Introduction: From 16 to 19 century, European traders sold the black slaves to North American. Since the black people became slaves, they are being exploited and abused by white people. The black people were live in bad situation because of the oppression from white people. There were some changes after the black people are no longer slaves. However, according to “The Long Walk Home”, the black people were in a weak situation, and discriminated by white people in the 1950s.

Body paragraph 1
Topic sentence: White families and black families have different situations. Supporting Idea:
A: White people living situation are better than black people 1). Thompson’s family is living in quite place and they have spacious dwelling 2)Cotter’s family is living in dirty street and there no washroom in their house.

B: They have different situation at Christmas
1) Black people have no much money to prepare gifts to their children. 2) Miriam’s children gain lavish gifts at Christmas Eve.

Body paragraph 2
Topic sentence: white people discriminated against black people Supporting Idea:
A: Black people suffer inequities on the bus.
1). Black people have to sit back of the bus after they pay the fees.
B:The parks that white people go, the black people may not allow to enter. 1). The police insult Odessa Cotter because she enters the park with Miriam’s children. Conclusion: The black people were in bad situations and discriminate against by white people were common in the past. Nowadays, the black people are living in better situations and have more respect, but there are still have some racism in the world. Racism should be banned because humans are equal. Therefore, people should try to give up the discrimination and respect every person who lives in the world.
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