Lonely Boy

Topics: Walking, Automobile, Sustainable transport Pages: 2 (803 words) Published: May 2, 2013
John waited for his parents to pick him up at school when the school got let out at 2:25 PM on s very warm Friday afternoon. The usually would already be there to pick him up but today they weren’t. They was nowhere in sight. John had on a bright red shirt that his father bought him yesterday. As he waited and waited the more and more he started to wonder about his parents. He started on his homework but it was too complicated for him. So john had gone back inside the school building to get help from his teacher. As he was receiving help from his teacher, she had received a phone call from the police saying that john parents was involved in a very cruel accident and sadly neither one of his parents was able to live. After receiving such a phone call she was confused about how she was going to tell a eight year old little boy that he has lost to his parents to a very bad car accident on the way to come pick him up from school. As she paced herself back and forth, John knew something wasn’t right. After a few minutes go by john finally asked the teacher what was the matter and why was she pacing herself around the room. She finally explained and told him what happened. He started crying and ran out of the empty classroom and started walking home. He knew that it was a very long walk but he needed to get something’s off his chest. As he was thinking this had to be one of the most terrifying moments in his life so far. Alone he walked by himself with no one on his side to be there to talk to him. He realized that his parent was all that he had. He really wasn’t close to any other family members. He had no brothers or sisters, he was the only child. The more times he thought of his parents the more he cried and got upset. He was having a nervous breakdown and didn’t know how to really handle it As he got tired he decided to walk in the middle of the street. All he saw ahead of him was a empty road with no traffic, power lines, and farmland. John started to turn back...
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