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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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1) What issues should a logistic manager consider in trying to select a mode of transportation?

The issues that a logistic manager should consider when they select a transportation mode are the follow:

• Cost versus Speed

• Packing expense versus risk of damage

• Flexibility versus dependability

• Railroad freight traffic in peak season ( some countries consider more important the passenger transportation than freight)

• Infrastructure (bad infrastructure raise the prospect of accidents)

• Criminal risk of some countries

• Inadequate warehouses facilities

2) How can a government directly influence a carrier operation?

Government regulates most of the trucking; transport between the countries, in most cases in the domestic transportation is deregulated. The exception for the international transportation is driven by the economic alliances like bilateral agreements. Also due to the importance of transportation in the economy, some carriers are government owned and controller. The main reason is the Image Projection for example, Air and ocean carriers give an image projection to the world about progress and technical expertise, and this is attractive for the other nations.

3) How can a government indirectly influence a carrier operation :

Some countries have transportation companies that are private (No government ownership) in this cases Government imposes regulations that in a indirect way controls how the business is operated. For example

• Prices, serving new markets, routes abandonment, service frequency, or customer service may require government approval before they can be...
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