Loctite Corporation

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Executive Summary
This case analysis is to recommend the initiation of a marketing plan for the Bond-A-Matic 2000 (BAM) in 1979. The objective of the plan will be to support the capture of 35% market share for SuperBonder by increasing the Loctite brand awareness, educating non-current users of the advantages of CA adhesives (SuperBond) and the advantages of dispensing equipment. The plan will utilize direct mail and media that will be reinforced by future SuperBonder advertising.

Company Analysis
Loctite Corporation is a market leader in development and marketing of adhesives and sealants with a clearly stated objective to become a premier worldwide marketer of instant adhesives for industrial use by 1985. To reach this objective Loctite uses a high quality, high price strategy. It maintains a clear company structure by dividing the market under three profit centers and faces no internal competition between divisions. (See Exhibit 1) 70% of IPG sales are from newer technologies (anaerobic and CA) which share no severe problems (contrary to mature technologies in adhesives market). Loctite is enjoying the patent in the anaerobic market with 85% share of the market having limited customers who have not quite accepted the obvious advantages. On the other hand, Loctite looks forward to participate in the forecasted industrial market growth of 26.42% next year in the CA market. The company maintains clear differentiation and adjusted pricing strategy between 2 of its CA products by using market penetration to increase purchase volume of SuperBonder users and on the other hand by using market skimming to maintain the brand loyal users of QuickSet404.

Customer Analysis
The BAM should be positioned not as a stand alone product but as a complementary product to Super Bond adhesives. SuperBonder adhesives will be used with Bond-A-Matic emphasizing connection when advertised, positioning of Bond-A-Matic as additional tool for the SuperBonder adhesives not vice versa. The focus of the plan is to use the BAM as a method of introducing new users to instant adhesives and to react to the expressed interest of current CA users in improved dispensing techniques. The target audiences for the plan are small to midsized companies that are non users and companies that are CA users that will benefit from using the BAM; the industries within SIC 36 through 39. The industries in this classification range are characterized by smaller usage, their products are subject to frequent design changes and hence are best suited for BAM (with Gluematic tip) which works with any Loctite Adhesive. Moreover, the Systems Division's applicators cater to the need of larger firms which cannot be met by BAM. Thus Loctite would be focusing on its customer based on their needs increasing the purchase volume and avoid the product line cannibalization. Further, based on the Pricing Strategy, discussed ahead in the case we can avoid the design engineers and purchasing staff from getting involved in the buying decision. Plant and Production engineers can make the purchase decision about the dispensing equipment independently up to the cost of $250 making them our target audience. This helps in maintaining the differences in decision making process with other dispensers. Recognizable differences between Bond-A-Matic and other dispensers in price, adhesives to be used with and precision makes it attractive for different customers of Loctite which loops in with the its Strategic objective of expanding new customer base. More than 60% of firms using more than 3 grams and less than 9 pounds of instant adhesives are the target customer of BAM.

Product Strategy
Gluematic Tip will be used in Bond-A-Matic for hard surfaces. Vari Drop needle in combination of Vari Drop applicator will be used for soft surfaces and free falling drops. Thus to satisfy the suggested customers (SICs 35-39) who are very heterogeneous concerning their industries we would provide them...
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