Load Shedding Crisis in Pakistan

Topics: Power outage, Rolling blackout, Protest Pages: 5 (1725 words) Published: March 24, 2012
Load Shedding Crisis in Pakistan
Electricity is a basic need for sustaining human life. We cannot even imagine how our lives would have been if electricity was not discovered. Looking at it from an economic growth perspective of a country, the creation of energy is very essential. Pakistan however has been facing an acute shortage of electricity for many years now (since 2007). Electricity crisis and load shedding reaches to 10hours in Karachi. In commercial and residential areas of Karachi load shedding up to 10 hours continues however in industrial areas load shedding up to 8 hours continues. Spokesman KESC said that on better supply of gas load shedding likely to be reduced because of dispute of SUI Northern Gas Company and KESC people are in a pitiable condition. People said that dispute always between institutes and their result faced by other people. Due to continuous load shedding people are also facing problem of water deficit, however load shedding to 8 hours in industrial zone has badly affected that sector also. Who’s to blame?

Critics blame it all on the government for lack of planning and a vision. They say no efforts were made in the past to ensure a continuous increase in the power generation capacity of the country. Even now, when the country is faced with devastating prospects, not much is seemingly done by the government to tackle the issue. It has turned into a complete nightmare for Pakistanis. Many people have resigned to the fact that the electricity crisis is here to stay for a long period of time. How did the crisis start?

The elections of 2008 saw the PPP government coming to power. With it came hope for change and a shift of policies towards the favor of the people. What a big mistake that turned out to be. The present government is being touted as one of the worst ever to have ruled Pakistan. Take for example the promises made by the Water and Power minister to the public that Load shedding will be no more by December 2009. It is 2011 now, and we’re heading towards 2012. The crisis has worsened. The government has now pretty much given up and seems helpless with no plan to counter the crisis. It’s a strange situation. One week, there will be load shedding and everything will seem to have been fixed. And the next week, load shedding strikes again with around 8-10 hours in major cities and up to 12-14 hours in rural areas. After February 2008 election, ruling government Water and Power development minister promised publicly that after 31st December 2009 there will be no load shedding at all in Pakistan. 31st December 2009 came and went but load shedding crisis has taken a form of national disaster with cities facing up to 8-10 hours of load shedding and rural areas facing up to 12-14 hours of load shedding till today. How is the Energy crisis affecting business?

You can imagine that without electricity for a good part of a day (8 hours +) can really mess up your business operations. Everything requires electricity. You cannot work if there’s no power available. Businesses and marketplaces understandably are suffering immensely and some are even forced to close down. The alternate is buying a generator, but the costs of running it are too much for most of the business owners. Shop owners are forced to close down, while business and offices are forced to waste their precious time and wait for the power to come back on. Productivity is badly affected. Energy Crisis affecting the IT industry

Among many industries, the IT industry is the one affected the most with the coming of the Energy crisis and rightly so. The IT industry is all about providing services and products through the use of electronics, computers and everything that is related to power; which we lack! Our IT industry was among the fastest growing industry in the Asian region. The energy crisis has hit us bad. The whole industry has been forced to struggle and cut their costs down drastically just so they can survive. This has of...
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