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Hi. It’s very nice to have you here in Pitesti. How are you? I’m okay. Thank you for your invitation. Inspite of all I heared , it’s very nice in Romania. Your fans from Romania want to know you better, because you became very popular after your recent movies. That’s nice to hear. I hope I will not disapoint my fans from Romania. Where are you from?

USA , Alabama.
Before you became an actor you were a dancer, more specifically a hip-hop dancer. Is that true? Yep
So when did you start hip-hop dancing?
CHANNING TATUM: I think when I was around 15. My sister was friends with the manager of a nightclub, and I remember going there to deliver these flyers—her boyfriend did graphic design. So I remember that they got me into this club, and there were these guys in this circle who were flipping and doing all this crazy stuff, and I was just like, “Oh, my god. I want to do that!” I was seeing this guy spin on his head . . . Can you do head spins?

TATUM: I can get around, like, two or three times, but I’m not very good at it. I can’t do it like real breakers can. So how, then, did you get discovered?
TATUM: At one point I just decided, “All right, I’ve got to try to do something with my life.” So I went down to Miami, and somebody saw me on the streets, and that’s how I got into modeling. So you were just hanging out on the streets of Miami with your shirt off, and someone was like, “Oh, he’s fly. I’m going to make him a model”? TATUM: Yeah, pretty much.

So what did you do after that? What was the progression?
TATUM: I did some campaigns, and then . . . I don’t know. Modeling was successful for me. I didn’t have to wait tables or anything like that, so that was nice. And I got to see the entire world. Then I auditioned for a Pepsi commercial, and I got it, and that was incredibly fun. So I thought, Well, maybe I should try this acting thing . . . Enough is enough. Let’s talk about your movie career.What are your most known movies? Frankly, I don’t know, that’s...
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