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Topics: Sociology, Education, Social class Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Explain what is meant by ‘upwardly mobile’. (Item A, line 6). Upwardly mobile means when someone or a group of people move or aspire to move to a higher social class or to a position of increased status or power. Suggest three criticisms of ‘new vocationalism’.

It is a cheap source of labour meaning that it should not be up to the education system to train employees for companies. It creates a lack of jobs – young employment is due to lack of jobs and not vocational skills. Working class students are often pushes towards vocational subjects whilst middle class students are pushed towards more academic subjects. This is called streaming of the social classes in education. Outline the New Right view of the role of education.

The New Right is a conservative political perspective. It also takes forward ideas from the Labour and Conservative policies. The New Right are in favour of the marketistion of education. This party are very much like functionalists in many ways. They believe that some people are generally more talented than others creating an advantage for the more intelligent pupils. They largely favour an education system which is run on meritocratic principles of open competition, and one that serves the needs of the economy by preparing the young people for work in the latter times of education, such as senior education, sixth form and universities. They believe that education should socialise pupils into shared values not just those of the upper class, such as competition and an initial sense of national identity. The New Right do not believe that the current education system is achieving these goals. The reason for its failure, in their view, is that it is run by the state. The New Right argue that in all state education systems, politicians and education bureaucrats use the power of the state to impose their view of what kind of schools we should have. These include schools such as grammar schools, free schools, public schools and others. The state...
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