Living with Strangers

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Living with Strangers
Indifference is when a way to behave, or se show to that you do not care. Most people are using this term, to have the attitude of not caring. Indifference is especially used when people do not want to get involved with stuff, and therefore act like they do not see it, or do not care. Out of this term, you can talk about the “Pretend it didn’t happened law”. The Essay “Living with strangers” is written by Siri Husvedt, it is published in 2002 in The New York Times. Siri is in the essay telling about when she moved from the little city she grew up in, were everybody knew each other, to when she moved to New York, and everybody was strangers. She was living in a two-room apartment, where she could hear everything her neighbor, and the persons who were living under and above her. Besides that she was at some times enjoying the two men in the apartments across hers, going around only dressed in underwear. In the beginning she did not understand the law any New Yorker used when needed, but fast she understood it. She is telling us three stories where the law is useful. Stories about thing which could not have happened many other places then in New York. The first story about a lady in a bus, only dressed in a bathrobe, yelling about that she had forgotten her Token in the other bathrobe. A story about a man in the train informing people, that September 11 was a punishment for our sins by god. The last story is about a man spitting on Siri, because her man and she sat on the bench which he had marked as his “territory”. These three stories all includes a crowd which is used the New York law – “Pretend-it-isn’t-happening”. “A number of years ago, my husband witnessed a man entered the car with a woman dressed in short shorts and high vinyl boots…..The man, who was weaving on his feet, took out a cigarette and lit up. Within seconds of that infraction, a little white guy with blond hair, a person probably in his late twenties, wearing a...
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