Living the American Dream

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Living The American Dream

The American Dream is one of the reasons our country is so populated. In the 1800s, immigrants came from all over the world to live the American Dream. It was the inspiration behind huge bounds in technology, industry, and lifestyle. Without this concept of the American Dream, we would more than likely be a third world country struggling to survive in an economically driven world. It is what defines us as a nation, and to this day, it still powers whole generations of American citizens.

The American Dream dates all the way back to the late 1700s during the revolutionary war. Our country was founded on the belief that freedom of choice was a right, not a privilege. That belief has carried through to this day. Many foreigners come to America to escape religious or governmental prosecution. America has more opportunity than any other nation on the globe, and that blossoms from the American Dream. In America, people have the opportunity to purchase a home, the opportunity to purchase a car, the opportunity for a higher-level education, and the opportunity to practice whichever religion they so choose. With all of these opportunities also comes responsibility. All of these things are what make America, and the American Dream so beautiful and majestic.

In the article Keeping the Dream Alive, written by Jon Meacham, the author explains the historical beginning of the American Dream. The American Dream was created by James Truslow Adams. In the article, the author states, “We are stronger the wider we open our arms. Our dreams are more powerful when they are shared by others in our time. And we are the only ones who can create a climate for the American Dream to survive another generation, then another and another. "If the American dream is to come true and to abide with us," Adams wrote in 1931, "it will, at bottom, depend on the people themselves." True then, and true now.” That excerpt sums up the American Dream.

The author of the...
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