Living Life Without an Arm or Leg

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  • Published : November 19, 2011
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The metaphor “cost an arm and a leg” is an expensive and bold statement. The subtext of this idiom is that the price may be exorbitant and nobody knows exactly how life would be without our limbs, unless they were tragically removed. The life change without limbs would make us realize the value and purpose of each limb.

The reflection now changes to those born handicapped or without limbs in order to make the healing transition less devastating. The overall world today has survived through many battles and wars but throughout the course of battle; winning or defeat is a moot point for those who have survived with massive injuries such as: loss of limb. You can win the literal battle but surviving the injury is beyond value. I never put much thought into living life handicapped until I learned of an essay written by G.K. Chesterton called “The Advantage Of Having One Leg”. My belief, is that it must be immeasurable hard to live without one or the other.

The physiological loss of dealing with a dismemberment caused by a forced trauma; be that from servicing your country in the military, an unfortunate accident; car crash or perhaps, diabetes - must be an unimaginable feat to conquer . Your life has to total evolve all over again without that missing body part. The repercussions of dealing without that limb can not only be inconvenient and disappointing but also treacherous on your new outlook for life moving forward. The hardest part of losing an arm or leg is how you perceive life moving forward. Life is not always so perfect for those with arms and legs but we just don’t realize how challenged life would become if we did not have all our body parts. One would begin to realize all the things that bothered us before as a whole “literal” whole person seems so irrelevant when tragedy hits. Dealing with tragedy and moving forward is the battle. Once that battle is won your life becomes a new canvas. You begin to...
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