Living in the Ghetto

Topics: Family, Tree, Play Pages: 3 (1179 words) Published: January 22, 2011
Childhood Experience

I was born when we were still living in our old ghetto neighborhood. Our house was one of the worst house I have ever seen. The front lawn was never green; only yellow grass and patches of dried up dirt. Our house gutter had big holes where bee’s, cats, and birds lived in there. Cats were having babies in our roof. We could hear the little kitties cry at night in the living room. Birds were making nest in the corner of our roof. We could hear their babies chirp at night in my sister’s room. On the side roof or our porch, we had yellow jackets making a hive in a big hole in the roof.

We had to sleep with our grand-parents. And by we, I mean six boys in a small room with two adults. Can you imagine how cramp, stuffy, and hard that is? There were only one twin bed and a bunk bed. There was three other rooms; One was for my parents, the other was for my five sisters, and the third one, my mom use it for storage because it was connected to the backyard door. We only had one A/C in our living room, and it was an old warn out A/C. In the hot blazing summer, we had to sleep in rows to get the cool air coming from the A/C because it wasn’t powerful enough to cool down the whole living room. It was so hot in our living room that even mosquito’s dried up at the corner of the room.

My grandmother had a little farm growing in the backyard. She planted seeds like sugarcane, corns, green onion, and stuff like that. We had an apple tree, and two other big huge trees that I had forgotten their names. One of the big huge tree was next to our kitchen window, so we use to climb that tree all the time. We use to go and play tag on the roof using the big huge tree as a ladder to get up the roof. It was fun jumping up and down from the roof to the old fridge and oven outside our bathroom. We also played basketball in our backyard with our homemade basketball rim. It was made out of a big wooden board, and a bicycle rim. We nailed the rim to the wooden...
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