Living in the Future-Android Paper

Topics: Philip K. Dick, Blade Runner, Android Pages: 2 (805 words) Published: April 22, 2013

Living In The Future
In today’s society android technology is progressing all around. Scientist tests these androids (robots created to look and act like actual people) to see how people may adapt to them. Many movies such as IRobot, and Blade Runner preview how our futures are predicted to be like based off of scientific observations but their all usually established on robots turning completely bad. These machine advancements is nerve wrecking to most, because its natural to fear what we don’t no. Although people may feel as if there are many cruel things that may happen if these droids existed, I envision an effortless world where bad things rarely happen. To begin with, often times we find ourselves wondering how these androids may play apart in our future. If they do exist and are defiant, should they really share our same punishments or should they be worse? If they are obedient, how will they be rewarded or is it part of the government plan to better the world? These intelligent machines make consequences harder to determine because of how human-like they are. Thus making it harder to interpret how life may unfold with these machines. According to the author, Robert Epstein for the very first time he was able to meet one of the droids he was nervous. Epstein believes a piece of why he was nervous was because he felt like he was getting a sneak peak into the upcoming future. My interpretation on how I envision a future with androids in it is that it would be easier and more peaceful. Scientist by then should have unlocked the many key points people are afraid may happen if these robots were to get out of control. Instant shut down systems will be installed in place where you can say one word and they will immediately cut off. This is to assure that the people that can always feel safe. Droids will walk children to school, deliver newborn babies, and even get things done in half the time it would take you to do things now. They...
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